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Test Yourself on the Role of Women in Ancient Greek Art

For each question provide the best you can in a file on your machine. Be sure to label your answer with the correct question number. I will post the score on the end of this page using the name you have provided. I will score the test only if you provide a name (it does not have to be your own) and you provide a reasonable guess for every question. When you are done copy your answers to the body of an email message. For the subject enter test1. an email address is any suitable one used to ask questions. These are found Click here.


. What was the name of the unscrupulously ambitious politician who was a friend of Socrates?
. Who was the Theban general who defeated Sparta and ended their military rule?
. How were the generals of the Athenian army selected?
. What did Athena Chalinitis wear on her head?
. Mycenaean Athens was centered on a heavily fortified citidel named what?
. The main palace of Minoan Crete was at what place?
. The basis of the Greek economy during the bronze age was what?
. Who was the Greek Goddess of love and beauty?
. Who was the wife of Aeneas?
. Who was the daugher of Acrisus and the mother of Perseus?
. The first dramas used nothing but a _____
. The Greek letter for n is called _____
. The central figure of tragedies and the daughter of Clytemnestra is _____
. The Euxine Sea is the ancient name for what sea?
. The city of the Amazons, Themiscyra has what modern place-name?
. In ancient times the whole fertile stip between the eastern Mediterranean and the desert of northern Arabia was called what?
. Who was the sister and wife of Chronus
. Who asked Zeus to reveal himself in all his glory?
. Which goddess was associated with a butterfly?
. Which three goddesses personify charm, grace, and beauty?
Comment at the end if you wish. Results:

Gareth Dennis – 7 out of 20 Comment: Are their any statues of Iris? Response: The British Museum has a statue of Iris from the West Pediment of the Parthenon.
Skye – 0 out of 20 Comment: What were ancient Greek bathrooms like? Response: Most Greeks used basins for washing and bed pans for eliminating. Some springs had rooms with pools for bathing and washing.
Katherine Theognis – 13 out of 20
pubert – 7 out of 20
joeblog – 3 out of 20
marmalade – 15 out of 20
marmalade – 16 out of 20
Sambo – 1 out of 20
bob – 3 out of 20
Gaea – 0 out of 20