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Drawing Ancient Greek Goddesses

Drawing ancient Greek goddesses is easier because even in ancient times the look of the diety was a personal matter. The deity is recognized by symbols or behavior. Usually the figure is idealized, but not always. As the deities are shapeshifters they can appear in any guise.

The general procedure is:

  • Draw the gesture using stick figures or general forms.
  • Fill in the body parts including bones and muscles if known.
  • Cover the body with clothing:
    • Peplos (long robe for women)
    • Chiton (Shorter robe for men)
    • Armor
      • Shield
      • Corinthian Helmet
      • Cuirass (like a vest)
      • Apron
      • Greaves (shin protection)
    • Sandals
    • Other items
      • Crown
      • Spear or javelin
      • Bow and arrow
      • Discus
      • Girdle
  • Include appropriate symbols that allow the deity to be recognized.

How to draw a goddess
How to Draw a Goddess

Symbols of the various goddesses


  • A beautiful young woman
  • Helmet
  • Aegeis – Shield, Cape, or blouse (cuirass)
  • Spear


  • A beautiful young woman
  • Girdle (crossed sashes)
  • Love apple
  • A crown decorated with leaves or a dove


  • A beautiful girl
  • bow and arrow, quiver
  • crown with lunette


  • Young woman
  • Wand
  • Pigs


  • Young woman
  • Beautiful hair
  • falcon
  • shuttle


  • Beautiful Woman
  • peacock
  • cuckoo
  • immortelle
  • pomegranate
  • lily
  • crown
  • scepter